The Dirty Dozen Show

Thu Mar 13 2014, 8:00 PM

Test your comedic limits! Get ready for the raunchiest, naughtiest, dirtiest, oh-no-he-didn't comedy show on the entire west coast. 12 comics for $12 performing material that comes straight from the swarthy gutter of comedic ingenuity! 

Performers (May 28th) : Jacob Christopher, Xander Deveaux, Lauryn Petrie, Iris Gorman, Trevor Thorpe, Brandy Feit, Andy MacDonald, Amy Miller, Don Frost, Rebecca Waits, Andie Main, Alex Rios

This show is DIRTY! So you BETTER be 21+! Tickets will be available for pick up at the box office prior to the show (they are generally available 1.5-2 hrs prior to showtime).  

Tickets are not available online. Please call the box office.